How to clean your radiators: 5 steps to remove dust and dirt (2023)

Radiators should be made part of your weekly cleaning regime to keep dust, dirt and grime at bay. As well as managing allergens, radiators will function more efficiently when clean.

With spring cleaning season here, now is the perfect time to remove dust settled inside and around your radiators. 'The amount of dust and dirt that collects in our radiators from things we bring in on our clothes from outdoors, cooking and smoking can often go unnoticed,' says Andrew Collinge, Heating Product Manager at BestHeating.

'Set some time aside to push out the dust from the fins inside the radiator and give them a good wipe down on the outside so they look shiny and new. It can be quite satisfying removing all the particles but we'd recommend dusting them down each week to keep on top of it.'

Cleaning a radiator can be awkward at times, but with a little knowhow you can reach those tricky spots like a pro.

Step 1: Turn the heat off

First of all, turn your heating off and let the radiator cool down. As well as being safer, this will prevent your radiator from drawing up more dust while being cleaned.

Step 2: Vacuum the inside

Next, take your vacuum cleaner to remove as much dust in and around the radiator as possible. Getting in the fins of the radiator can be difficult when cleaning, but this is where the smaller vacuum pipes will come in handy. Try to suck up any dust behind, not forgetting underneath the radiator and where it meets the wall.

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Step 3: Use a cloth

Once you have removed all the dust, place a towel underneath your radiator and use a cleaning brush to push out the remaining dirt trapped inside. You can either use a specialist radiator cleaning brush or make your own by wrapping a microfibre cloth around a piece of wood. Simply insert it inside the radiator to remove any hidden dirt.

Andrew advises: 'To get rid of the smaller pieces that get caught on the radiator fixings, using a hairdryer on the cold setting is an effective way to blow these out down onto the towel.'

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Step 4: Rinse with water

Next, fill a bucket with warm soapy water. Use a soft sponge to wipe down the outside (anything too abrasive may scratch the surface of your radiator). Ensure your cloth is wet, but not dripping, and give it a proper clean.

For those harder-to-budge stains, leave a spray solution on for a few minutes and then simply wipe away with a cloth. You'll have a dazzling radiator in no time! Don't forget to dry it afterwards, making sure not to miss any corners or connectors.

Step 5: Don't forget the skirting boards

Once you've cleaned your radiator, don't forget the skirting boards. Get a great shine and finish by using a bucket of soapy water to clean them.

'These may need wiping down too as sometimes the heat can cause dirt and dust to stick to the wall. Give any marks a rub with the soapy sponge being careful not to damage any paintwork,' Andrew adds.

HB recommends... add a dash of fabric conditioner to warm water for a sweet-smelling finish.

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How to clean your radiators: 5 steps to remove dust and dirt (4)

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How to clean your radiators: 5 steps to remove dust and dirt (10)

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How to clean your radiators: 5 steps to remove dust and dirt (11)

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How to clean your radiators: 5 steps to remove dust and dirt (12)

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