Here Are the Best Luxury Fashion Sites on the Net (2023)

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When it comes to shopping for men’s luxury fashion, you want to make sure you’re getting the best deal as well as the latest pieces. This takes time. It means trawling the net for the best men’s luxury fashion sites and then trawling each of the collections to decide on the piece you want.

Or, it did.

It did until we decided that luxury fashion shopping should be a breeze, so we’ve grouped all of the top men’s luxury fashion sites in the world in one convenient list.

From big names like SSENSE and MATCHESFASHION through to boutiques like Paris-based 24Sèvres or Luisaviaroma, this list covers all sides of contemporary men’s luxury fashion sites and, through a combination of searches you should be able to locate just about any new-season piece you’ve seen.

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Here Are the Best Luxury Fashion Sites on the Net (1)


Physical Locations: Montreal

Instagram: @ssense

Editor’s Notes: SSENSE sets the standard for the modern men's luxury fashion retailers in many ways. From the versatile collection to the retailer's ability to cross creative borders, often releasing new collections through innovative capsules and events. SSENSE is the all-encompassing experience that the contemporary client looks for.

Founded in 2003 by three brothers — Rami, Bassel, and Firas — SSENSE has been changed the shape of men's luxury fashion and, thanks to the weight it holds in the arena, is now the chosen location for a range of exclusive drops and collections. Whether you're searching for Fear of God ESSENTIALS or a first look at Valentino's newest collections, SSENSE has you covered.



Physical Locations: London

Instagram: @MATCHES_MAN

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Editor’s Notes: You probably know of MATCHESFASHION through its online presence which is undeniably one of the retailer's biggest pulls. The huge online selection leaves no stone unturned, making it a one-stop-shop for every iteration of the modern man. What you may not know, however, is that MATCHESFASHION also comes in the form of a private-shopping townhouse in London's Mayfair. Now that's luxury.

It's this shapeshifting ability that epitomizes MATCHESFASHION. It's at once a specialist private experience and one of the largest online luxury retailers; it represents the newest of the new in names like Wales Bonner and Martine Rose while making sure there's always space for the classics. When the world of men's luxury fashion is as variable and changes as quickly as it does in 2022, this confidence in self is a necessity, and MATCHESFASHION has it in abundance.

Harvey Nichols

Site: Harvey Nichols

Physical Locations: London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol, Dublin

Instagram: @harveynichols

Editor’s Notes: Beginning life as a humble linen shop in Knightsbridge, London back in 1831, Harvey Nichols has grown to become one of the best-known department stores in the world. This, obviously, doesn't happen overnight. Over the past two centuries or so, Harvey Nichols has carved out its space in the luxury fashion world (and pretty much every other market, too) with an unwavering surety of who it is and what its customers want.

While the most famous of Harvey Nichols' stores is located in London, the company's physical locations stretch across England and Ireland, cementing it as one of the UK's definitive shopping experiences.

Slam Jam

Here Are the Best Luxury Fashion Sites on the Net (2)

Site: Slam Jam

Physical Locations: Milan, Ferrari

Instagram: @slamjam

Editor’s Notes: Since 1989, Luca Benini's Slam Jam has existed to serve the underground community in all its forms from a luxury style perspective. From the best of streetwear to high-end menswear, the Slam Jam collection bridges the gaps to form one all-encompassing view of the modern menswear universe.

Credited with bringing Stüssy to Italy, Slam Jam's willingness to break ground has been a catalyst in the store's ability to grow and sustain a faithful customer base that crosses generations and cultures with ease.


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Site: Luisaviaroma

Physical Locations: Firenze

Instagram: @luisaviaroma

Editor’s Notes: Dating back to the end of the 1800s, Luisaviaroma has more than a bit of history behind it. While it may have begun life as a hat store in Paris, the boutique has grown to become an Italian powerhouse that represents every aspect of men's luxury fashion in the modern day. Tracing Luisaviaroma's footsteps will reveal a history of brave curation and buying which, to this day, is one of the things that sets Luisaviaroma apart from its contemporaries.

One of our favorite things about Luisaviaroma is that even to this day it's run as a family business. While many boutiques began in this way, few have managed to maintain it, and it's one of the things that gives Luisaviaroma a feeling of an authentic, small-scale boutique with the product selection and aesthetic of a big name.


Site: 24Sèvres

Physical Locations: Paris

Instagram: @24s

Editor’s Notes: One city that needs no introduction in the world of men's luxury fashion is Paris. 24Sèvres embodies the stylish self-confidence and exclusivity that we know and love about the French capital. As a member of the LVMH group, 24Sèvres is characterized by its exclusive online access to labels like Louis Vuitton, Dior, Celine, and Moynat.

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Inspired by its surroundings, 24Sèvres looks to blend heritage style with the innovative designs of the new age. That makes for an eye-catching brand list that covers all sides of men's luxury fashion.


Here Are the Best Luxury Fashion Sites on the Net (3)

Site: Browns

Physical Locations: London

Instagram: @brownsfashion

Editor’s Notes: Few luxury fashion boutiques have set the foundations like Browns has. Opening in 1970 on Mayfair's South Molten Street in London, Browns has moved with the times, more often than not setting the pace for others to follow. Having championed now-iconic designers like Calvin Klein, and buying an unknown John Galliano's graduate collection for window displays in 1984, Browns has reached rarified air in the luxury space after proving its trailblazing appeal time and time again.

Now, just as it did in the '70s, '80s, '90s, and '00s, Browns has a brand list that stretches from the most established to the up-and-coming. The thing that holds the disparate, varied catalog together is one of the keenest eyes for curation in the world. As such, being featured in a Browns boutique is a veritable seal of approval for brands of any size.

Mr Porter

Site: Mr Porter

Physical Locations: Online only

Instagram: @mrporterlive

Editor’s Notes: While all of the previous selections deal in luxury fashion as a whole, Mr Porter is for the gents. Think of Mr Porter as your go-to destination for everything the modern man needs to know, say, eat, drink, and, most importantly, wear. This online handbook takes a traditional tack when it comes to product selection. While you probably won't be finding any conceptual, ground-breaking new designs here, you will be able to stock up on the world's best shirts, tailoring, and a growing selection of contemporary classics like A-COLD-WALL*.

Like all of the retailers in this roundup, Mr Porter prides itself on being an experience rather than a retailer. From high-quality editorial content in the free Mr Porter Post newspaper to second-to-none attention to detail in the packaging, the flawless ride from start to finish is sure to see Mr Porter and its timeless collection around for a very long time.


Site: Mytheresa

Physical Locations: Munich


Editor’s Notes: Mytheresa has been Munich's premier luxury fashion location for over 30 years with a brand list as long as 250 labels. In 2006, the retailer began its e-commerce operation which now has more than 700 employees to keep the streamlined experience running smoothly with around 1200 new drops every week.

Having been around for three decades, the Mytheresa buying team has formed close relationships with labels in the top tiers of luxury fashion. This means that the Mytheresa catalog is always on the pulse and frequently features exclusive collaborations. It's this dynamic attitude that positions Mytheresa as one of the best men's luxury fashion destinations in the world.


Site: Farfetch

Physical Locations: Online only

Instagram: @farfetch

Editor’s Notes: Founded in 2007, Farfetch sits alongside MATCHESFASHION as one of the most prolific online luxury fashion retailers. With a brand list that extends from the perennial giants to newer, exciting movers in the scene. Whether you're on the search for tailoring or the latest in hyped luxury streetwear, look no further than Farfetch's thousands of pages.

What really stands out about Farfetch is the retailer's ability to appeal to the whole breadth of luxury men's fashion while maintaining an immaculate, well-respected name in the scene. This can only be achieved through obvious authenticity and a commitment to the culture rather than business alone.

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