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About this University

DePaul University is a ‘college town’, i.e. an entire Chicago city in itself- home to over 22,400 students. It is a private, not-for-profit university accredited by recognised organisations and associations, including the American Chemical Society, the American Bar Association and more.

DePaul was named by The Princeton Review’s The Best 384 Colleges 2019 as one of the Best Midwestern Colleges in the USA. The US News & World Report 2018 ranked it to be one of the Best National Universities. It was also named to be among the Most Innovative Schools in the USA by the US News & World Report 2015.

The Princeton Review 2019 ranked DePaul 34th for its game design program at the undergraduate level and 20th at the graduate level; 20th for its MBA entrepreneurship program; and 41st for its accounting program at the graduate level.

Over 130 undergraduate and 175 graduate programs are on offer across 10 colleges and schools, which are taught by experts in their fields. Over 98 percent of classes are taught by faculty members and its 15:1 student to faculty ratio helps students work and learn closely with professors and peers.

Students can choose to study at two campuses – either Lincoln Park or Loop campus. In addition, there are plenty of opportunities for students to benefit from such as internships through the university’s partners.

The university premises have everything that one needs in a student life – basic amenities, comfortable housing, student organisations, recreation facilities and athletics. Over 350 organisations are open for students to partake in.

DePaul graduates are highly sought- after by renowned employers; therefore, a high employability record of 93 percent among graduates can be observed. The university has produced over 189,000 alumni over the years.


The following are some of the distinctions achieved by DePaul University in recent times:

  • Ranked among the Best National Universities, U.S. News & World Report (2018)
  • Named one of the Best Midwestern Colleges in the U.S., the Princeton Review's the Best 384 Colleges (2019)
  • One of Forbes’ nation’s Best Value Colleges (2017)


  • 34th undergraduate school for game design, the Princeton Review (2019)
  • 7th game design program in the nation, Animation Career Review (2018)
  • 20th graduate school for game design, the Princeton Review (2019)


  • 13th undergraduate entrepreneurship program in the nation, the Princeton Review (2019)
  • Among the country’s best undergraduate business programs, U.S. News & World Report (2018)
  • 20th MBA entrepreneurship program in the nation, the Princeton Review (2018)
  • Doctorate in business administration ranked among the world's premier DBAs, CEO Magazine (2018)


  • 13th film school in the nation, the Hollywood Reporter (2018)
  • Top 50 film schools in the U.S., the Wrap (2017)


1st Outstanding PR Education Program of the year, PRWeek Awards (2018).

Graduate outcomes

International internships

DePaul organizes international internship and training programs which propels students’ careers to the next level. Giving them an edge in the competitive job market, students participate in industry experience where they grow their professional networks, develop their skills and learn about different parts of the world.

Job & internship fairs

The Career Center hosts a variety of job and internship fairs, welcoming top employers from Chicago and beyond to DePaul who are seeking candidates from all educational and work experience backgrounds. Students can come to careers fairs and connect with the employers that inspire them and learn about job or internship opportunities offered by companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Career advising

The university’s career advising services help students with the following:

  • Resume and portfolio development
  • Job and internship search strategies
  • Majors, minors and career paths
  • Finding work that matches the students’ values
  • Career exploration
  • Graduate school options

Alumni events and job fairs

The university’s alumni can attend the Career Center’s quarterly career development events and workshops. Alumni may also participate in the annual job and internship fairs, where employers seek candidates from all educational and work experience backgrounds.

Schools & Colleges

DePaul University’s Schools and Colleges include:

College of Communication

Students can pursue communication studies including media and cinema studies, digital communication, public relations, and advertising.

College of Computing and Digital Media

CDM offers students a collaborative education where technology, artistry, and business intersect. CDM is organized into three schools.

College of Education

The college offers degree programs in bilingual/bicultural education; counselling; curriculum studies; early childhood education; educational leadership, and world language education.

College of Law

The DePaul College of Law has some of the best health law and intellectual property programs in the nation (U.S. News & World Report).

College of Science and Health

The College of Science and Health teaches many programs in the areas of biology, chemistry and biochemistry, environmental science, health sciences, mathematics, neuroscience, nursing, physics and psychology.

Kellstadt Graduate School of Business

The Kellstadt Graduate School of Business prepares students to be leaders by frequently updating its programs to keep pace with the dynamics of global business.

What's new

DePaul University offers various exciting graduate programs for its students. This includes:

MS in Data Science

The MS in Data Science, offered by the College of Computing and Digital Media, teaches students advanced technical and analytical skills to meet the challenge of big data analytics. The degree prepares the next generation of leaders in data science who are ready to work with immense amounts of data, where they can take information from complex sources. Students develop their technical skills and gain practical experience in areas of statistics, data mining, big data processing, and machine learning.

Graduates work at Allstate, Amazon, BMO Harris Bank, Deloitte, Facebook, GE Capital and, IBM. The average reported salary for the 2016 CDM Data Science graduates was USD 90,000.

MS in Computational Finance

This program gives students the tools to understand existing financial models in quantitative and mathematical contexts. Offered jointly by the College of Computing and Digital Media and the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business, students understand business and technical perspectives and develop skills, so they are able to:

  • Build a trading engine
  • Implement financial concepts into computer programs
  • Develop and use numerical algorithms and analytical techniques
  • Explore pricing of derivative securities
  • Understand and analyze simulation of financial systems

DePaul’s Master of Science in Computational Finance is a STEM-designated program. STEM designation is granted to programs that produce graduates educated in science, technology, engineering and/or math who help support U.S. economic competitiveness and growth. This program is a STEM-designated program, which can qualify international students to extend their post-graduation stay in the United States.


How much will it cost?

Average tuition fees per year

33,46,939UndergraduateFees are for indicative purposes, check with institution for details

33,95,918PostgraduateFees are for indicative purposes, check with institution for details

Living costs

13,95,918Living costs

8,24,653To live on campus

Discover scholarships

DePaul University provides scholarship for students enrolling for the courses offered by them View all scholarships available


Entry requirements

Undergraduate admissions

Students educated outside the U.S. for secondary school (high school) are required to submit an exam score that meets our English proficiency requirement.

If the English proficiency scores are below the minimum requirement, students might be considered for conditional admission.

Students can demonstrate proof of English proficiency by ​one of the following:

  • TOEFL iBT – minimum score of 80 with no section below 17
  • IELTS Academic​ – minimum score of 6.5
  • SAT – minimum reading and writing score of 550
  • ACT – minimum score of 18 in reading and 20 in English
  • PTE Academic – minimum score of 53

Conditional Admission English Language Requirement

  • TOEFL iBT – minimum score of 60
  • IELTS Academic – minimum score of 6.0
  • PTE Academic – minimum score of 42

Postgraduate admissions

Graduate applicants are those who have completed or are in the process of completing the equivalent to a United States bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution, either in the United States or abroad, and are welcome to apply to a graduate or professional program of study. The programs offered by DePaul University include MA, MS, MFA, PhD, LLM and JD.

All students are encouraged to check the specific requirements for international admission and their chosen program.

Campus and facilities

Student support

International Student and Scholar Services (ISS)

​​ISS is committed to providing quality advising services to international students and scholars at DePaul University.

Academic support

Academic support services exist to help students make adequate academic progress, or when they can’t do that because of circumstances out of their control, by pointing them to systems and processes that help them overcome life’s hurdles.


University Counseling Services help remove barriers to learning by providing various services to help students achieve their personal, academic and professional goals.

Financial support

DePaul awards more than USD 33 million in scholarships to incoming freshman students each year, and more than USD 11 million in need-based gift aid on an annual basis. These are designed to help students with their finances and do not need to be paid back.


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