Big Brother Season 24 Episode 31: Release Date & What To Expect - SHSTRENDZ (2022)

Big Brother Season 24 Episode 31 update.Even after 23 seasons, the show continues to surprise both houseguests and viewers. It’s hard to believe that Big Brother’s first season aired on CBS 22 years ago. Over the course of the 23 seasons, approximately 300 housemates have fiercely competed against one another for the chance to be the last person standing (excluding Celebrity Big Brother and other spinoffs).

Big Brother fans will argue that this is not the case, despite some people’s assumptions that the show must have lost some of its lusters over the course of its long broadcast run. We truly hope that with the season being a little shorter, there will be less time spent in the house with the final four and the other three contestants. It gets boring at that point! We believe that keeping as many players active as possible will increase the drama and excitement of the game.

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Big Brother Season 24

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Big Brother Season 24 Episode 31 Release Date

Big Brother Season 24 Episode 31 will release on CBS on Thursday, September 15 at 9 p.m. (ET). Only two weeks remain until the grand finale, which will take place on Sunday, May 25th at 8 p.m. One of the guests will be crowned Season 24 winner, and the audience will vote to determine who is America’s favorite.

Where Can You Watch Big Brother Season 24?

You can watch the show live on fuboTV (7-day free trial) and watch the live feeds on Paramount+, which offers a one-week free trial to watch all the footage before paying $4.99 per month. You can watch all of the content that CBS cannot show on TV, such as fights, romances, and everything captured by the four live cameras, on the CBS website.

What To Expect In Big Brother Season 24 Episode 31?

Big Brother 24 returns tomorrow night with a new eviction episode. Five of the houseguests will have to fight for their safety inside the house and the chance to get a little closer to the finale, which will air on September 25 in a week and a few days.

After the surprise attack, and the competition for the Veto, the guests had to wake up at 5 a.m. and be in the backyard within minutes, ready to compete again. Monte was eliminated rather quickly because he was too slow. Today’s broadcast will feature some difficult decisions, laying the groundwork for tomorrow’s eviction episode.

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Big Brother Season 24

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Recap of Big Brother Season 23 Episode 30

The thirty-first episode picked up after the nomination ceremony when Kyland revealed that he does not trust Tiffany, which surprised her. Derek and Xavier silently rejoiced as their Final three deal fell through. Hannah was extremely disappointed in Kyland, who, according to Hannah, was assisting Xavier in winning $750,000 at this point.

Tiffany and Hannah discussed the Veto, and they realized that the men would make Azah the replacement if either of them came off the market. If any of the women were to crush the men’s alliance, they needed to win the Power of Veto. The contestants had to play a “BB Comics” game in which they had to match comics and arrange them in the correct order before hitting the buzzer.

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Big Brother Season 24

Because Kyland was the first to finish, he was declared the winner. Kyland was planning to gain Hannah’s favor by replacing her with Big D, while Tiffany approached Kyland to find common ground with him. Despite promising her undying devotion to him, Kyland was unconvinced. The next day, Hannah proposed a similar deal. Finally, during the Veto ceremony, Kyland did not use the Power of Veto.

Plot Of The Show

At the start of each week, the visitors compete for the title of Head of Household. The winner chooses two candidates for eviction and gains immunity from eviction. The winner of the Power of Veto competition, which includes six guests, has the option of withdrawing or leaving any participant’s nomination in place. If the Veto winner exercises their right, the Head of Household should propose another household member for eviction. On eviction night, the participants vote to remove any one nominee, and the Power of Veto winner is immune from being replaced by another nominee.

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Big Brother Season 24 Episode 31: Release Date & What To Expect - SHSTRENDZ (6)

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