'Big Brother' recap: The final five fight it out for HOH (2022)

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With Michael out of the house, the game is truly up for grabs.

By Kyle Fowle September 11, 2022 at 10:38 PM EDT

Big Brother

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After a very chaotic double eviction last time on Big Brother, everyone in the house is trying to adjust to the new normal. Brittany has lost her biggest ally, her Final 2, in Michael. Monte and Turner have bolstered their resumes by taking out Michael, the clear frontrunner to win the game. The dynamic within the house is changing, and that can mean seismic shifts now that we're down to the Final Five.

Before we get into the aftermath of Michael's eviction, we get a quick recap of what we didn't see leading up to Michael being sent to the jury house. Most of what we see is what we presumed happened. Basically, after winning HOH, Turner, Monte, and Michael were fully on the same page for their plan to begin taking out the women in the house and protecting each other. Each of them had one person who could be their preferred target so as to manage jury votes, and for Turner that was Brittany.

So, Turner put Alyssa and Brittany on the block and has full intention of sending Brittany home. But when Monte wins HOH he immediately comes to Turner with the idea of voting Michael out. Three simple words come out of his mouth: "is it time?" Turner clues in to what he's saying, and they realize this is probably the only shot they get. If they can get everyone on board, Turner is good with it. And that's exactly what happens. Michael campaigns like crazy; he's frantic and grasping at everything he can think of in terms of reasons why he should stay. But none of it matters, everyone knows that they won't beat Michael in the end. His game has been too good. So they send him packing.

That brings us up to speed. With Michael gone, everyone is figuring out their allegiances to get to the end of the game. Brittany is fairly isolated. Monte and Turner are a strong pair and have good relationships with Taylor and Alyssa. Meanwhile, Taylor and Alyssa feel more in limbo. They're aligned in some ways with everyone in the house, but what's best for them moving forward is a big question. Alyssa seems pretty aligned with the guys, but Taylor sees Turner as a huge threat and wants to win HOH so that she can get him out of the house.

So, this is a huge HOH, and it's appropriate that the competition's theme involves the players barricading themselves inside a terrifying house while a killer stalks them. The person who's able to barricade all the doors in the shortest amount of time becomes the new HOH. Taylor takes the longest by far. She's legitimately terrified of the house, and she just can't get anything going. It takes her an entire hour to complete the competition. For reference, it only takes Alyssa about 22 minutes, and that's not even enough to win. It all comes down to Monte and Brittany, and in one of the closest competitions of the season Monte beats Brittany by nine seconds.

That's it. Nine seconds. Brittany is the clear target for the week now that her ally is out of the house, and she was nine seconds away from controlling nominations and securing her safety. Instead, she ends up on the block alongside Alyssa. In the Diary Room, Monte says that he's open to changes being made, that if Taylor manages to win the veto and pull Brittany off the block that he could potentially be convinced to target Turner so that she has the blood on her hands, but as of now the plan is for Brittany to get sent to the jury house, which will leave the other four fighting it out. This week is far from over though, so let's see what happens on Wednesday with the veto.

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