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Then, the battle for the next HOH is on as the Final 4 is solidified.

By Kyle Fowle September 15, 2022 at 11:02 PM EDT

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Wednesday on Big Brother, Brittany won a crucial veto competition, pulling herself off the block and securing her safety for the week and her spot in the Final 4. It was a huge win because she was easily the target for the week. Her only hope of staying was to win the veto, and she got it done. Now, Alyssa and Taylor sit on the block. Monte has assured Taylor that everything will be fine, that he can get Brittany and Turner, the two eligible votes, to vote Alyssa out. At the very worst he assumes the vote could be split, and then he decides who goes home.

Alyssa seems to believe she has Turner's vote at the very least, because they're friends in the house. But Turner has been working with Monte for a long time, and Alyssa even knows this because at this point everyone knows about The Leftovers. It's weird that she feels so sure about it, even if Turner is telling her he won't vote her out. Meanwhile, Brittany is trying to get close to Taylor in the hopes that they can be a Final 2, pitching her the idea that their best chance of winning this game is against each other.

For the most part it seems like this is supposed to be an easy week, where Alyssa goes home as the backup plan now that Brittany is off the block. But things get complicated when Taylor and Monte start to form a romantic relationship and spend a lot of time together late at night and into the early morning. For some reason, Brittany is livid about this. I get that she's alone in the house and Taylor is maybe her last lifeline, but the way she reacts here is so over the top. She goes on and on to Alyssa about how she's sick of these "sleepovers" and how it means she can't talk game with Taylor, and how Taylor isn't committed to their game together. She's tearing up and personally offended, and considering the history she has in this game with Michael and how they used the information about Kyle, it just comes across as selfish and totally unhinged.

So, basically, Brittany decides it's time to ditch Taylor and try to align with Alyssa and convince Turner to get her to stay. Of course, Brittany knows there's no way Turner is going against Monte, so her and Alyssa decide that Alyssa should talk to Turner and play up how hurt she'd be if he voted to evict her. The idea is to convince Turner to throw her a sympathy vote, not knowing that Brittany will be voting Taylor out, therefore making the vote 2-0 to send Taylor to the jury house. Alyssa really turns on the waterworks and talks about how she literally won't be friends with Turner after the game if he votes her out. His Diary Room response? "This conversation is super annoying." Needless to say, he sees right through it.

So, to little fanfare, Alyssa is sent to the jury house when Brittany votes to evict Taylor, Turner votes to evict Alyssa, and Monte breaks the tie. What's baffling to me is why Brittany would get so upset about this to the point that she'd ruin any potential to work with Taylor. If she'd just gone along with the vote maybe Taylor would work towards a Final 2 with her and try to get Monte and Turner out of the house. But now that Taylor will know Brittany voted to evict her, I can't imagine Taylor wanting to work with her. But we'll see, it's definitely hard to judge who Taylor would have the best chance of beating at the end of the game, so maybe there's hope for Brittany yet. That brings us to the next HOH competition. The players have to answer questions based on pictures of Julie's outfits across the whole season. No need to say that this is a massive HOH and that the winner secures their spot in the Final 3. It's a close competition, but Taylor pulls out the win. It's such a great moment. Taylor has been on the block five times, she survived a targeted attack based on lies early in the season, and here she is getting her second HOH win at the moment she needs it most. We're in for a fun finish to the season.

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