American Adoptions - Adoption in Phoenix, AZ [Where to Start] (2023)

American Adoptions - Adoption in Phoenix, AZ [Where to Start] (1)

When committing to a journey as amazing as adoption, working with an agency that is dedicated to you and your needs is vital because the right Phoenix adoption professional can make all the difference in your adoption in Arizona.

American Adoptions is the agency that will go above and beyond to give you the best adoption service possible. Whether you are a couple hoping to adopt a child or a pregnant woman considering adoption, you don’t have to go through the Phoenix adoption process alone.

In fact, when you work with American Adoptions, you won’t have to select multiple professionals from this list. Instead, you will haveoneprimary point of contact to guide you through every step of your adoption journey. To get connected with one of these professionals, contact us hereto learn more about adoption in Phoenix, Arizona.

“I know that not everyone who is faced with an unplanned pregnancy can make the choice to give their child up for adoption, but someday I hope that it becomes more common and others can be more open,” said Nikalit, a courageous birth mom.

American Adoptions is anational adoption agencythat is licensed in several states, including Arizona. We are able to help you complete the entire adoption process from start to finish, whether you are a prospective birth mother or hopeful adoptive parent. You cancontact us any timeto start your adoption process or learn more about our services for adoption in Phoenix.

Find out more by calling 1-800-ADOPTION now, or browse the following list of additional resources foradoption in Phoenix, AZ.

Phoenix Adoption Agencies

There are many benefits to working with anational adoption agencylike American Adoptions to complete an adoption in Phoenix, for both birth and adoptive parents. Potential birth parents have support at every stage of the adoption process and beyond, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Adoptive families have ashorter wait time to adopt.

Benefits of working with American Adoptions also include:

“The biggest thing about American Adoptions was having the social work aspect for me and the mom; that’s the big picture here. It was also being able tohave an open adoption, even though that’s not our situation right now; that was important for me,” recounts Kelli, an adoptive mother.

Our own personal experience with adoption has allowed us to provide compassionate and well-informed service to many expectant birth parents and hopeful adoptive parents over the years, and we intend to do so for many families to come.

Because American Adoptions is licensed in Arizona, we can provide the best of both worlds — all the resources and benefits of a national agency with the personal touch of a local professional. We even have offices located in Arizona, so we can provide the same local expertise and convenience as any smaller, regional agency. Find us at:

6424 E. Greenway Parkway
Suite 119
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Foster Care Adoption Agencies in Phoenix

Foster care adoptionis an alternate route that many families consider. Even though American Adoptions doesn’t provide foster care adoption services, we support any family who finds this option to be the best fit. If you are interested in fostering to adopt in Phoenix, contact:

International Adoption Agencies near Phoenix

International adoptionis a third type of adoption that hopeful parents can think about. This process can be immensely complicated, which means it is of the highest priority that you find a trustworthy agency to work with. For international adoption in Phoenix, contact the following agencies:

Phoenix Adoption Attorneys

In order to complete your adoption in Phoenix, whether as a birth parent or adoptive parent, you will need to be represented by a Phoenixadoption attorney. There are legal steps throughout the whole process — things like consent to the adoption from prospective birth mothers and adoption finalization hearings for the hopeful parents — that an attorney will guide you through. When you work with American Adoptions, your adoption specialist can connect you with the necessary legal services.

Phoenix adoption attorneys include:

Home Study Providers in Phoenix

American Adoptions is a licensed home study provider in the state of Arizona. We can take care of youradoption home study, so you won’t need to look for another provider to complete this step. If you are working with another adoption professional, we can conduct the adoption home study for you as well. Learn more about our Arizona adoption home study serviceshere.

You can also learn more about other adoptionhome study professionals in AZ here.

Phoenix Hospitals for Prenatal, Maternal Care and Delivery

Having a preparedhospital planis an important step in theadoption planning processfor prospective birth mothers. Your adoption specialist with American Adoptions can help with this, so it is one less thing to worry about.

You get to decide who will be present at the delivery, whether you will be nursing, who will hold your baby first and much more. Being able to have control over your hospital plan can be a source of comfort for birth parents. Your adoption specialist will coordinate everything with the hospital on your behalf so that you can focus on the adoption and your pregnancy.

There are several hospitals for adoption in the Phoenix area that can take care of you throughout your pregnancy:

Phoenix Adoption Finalization Courts

After a child is born in Independence and has been placed with his or her adoptive parents, the adoption will belegally finalizedseveral months later. This is a simple and short hearing. A judge grants a final decree of adoption, and any loved ones in attendance are welcome to take a photo together.

Adoptions in Phoenix are finalized in theSuperior Court of Maricopa County, Arizona. Your adoption specialist with American Adoptions will help coordinate this with your adoption attorney.

Things to Do in Phoenix

If you are adopting a child in Phoenix, AZ, you will be spending time in the area at some point, while either visiting prospective birth parents or waiting for your ICPC paperwork to be processed. Here are some things to do while you are in the area:

Call 1-800-ADOPTION now to speak to an adoption specialist about our services for adoption in Phoenix, Arizona, orget more free information here.

Information available through these links is the sole property of the companies and organizations listed therein. America Adoptions, Inc. provides this information as a courtesy and is in no way responsible for its content or accuracy.

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