14 Top Dog Kennels in Long Island, NY - Pooch & Harmony (2023)

14 Top Dog Kennels in Long Island, NY - Pooch & Harmony (1)

Do you and your pooch live in Long Island?

Are you planning a trip away soon and need somewhere to board your best friend?

Below you’ll find 15 top dog kennels in Long Island, NY.

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1. Hounds Town – Commack Road

Michael S. Gould founded Hounds Town in 2001. Since then, it has expanded to numerous locations. Thomas formed the branch in Commack Road, Deer Park, while Meghan manages it. Hounds Town offers daycare and dog grooming to complement its overnight boarding service. Here, you can choose among individual kennels, luxury suites, and doggy townhouses. Dogs can even rest on Kuranda beds if they’re too sleepy to go from the play area to the kennel area.

Kennel Service Requirements: Before bringing in your dog, make sure that you have a record of his vaccinations. Hounds Town needs to know if your pet has current shots for Bordetella, distemper, and rabies. Furthermore, the facility will not approve the boarding admission if your dog went to the vet clinic within the last seven days.

The boarding rate starts at $48 a night for one dog and goes up to $60 for a stay in the luxury suite. The price per dog is cheaper if you bring in multiple dogs — and all rates are inclusive of daycare services. Hounds Town – Commack Road is open each day, but the business hours differ during Saturdays and Sundays. You may head on over to this page to determine the exact address and know which holidays it’s unavailable.


2. North Shore Veterinary Hospital

In 1931, Dr. Arthur Fredericks launched this veterinary hospital in Fort Salonga Road, Northport, when doggy boarding rates were priced at a mere 25 cents per day. Now, his son Dr. Russell W. Fredericks owns and manages the facility. Dogs staying in sizable kennels or outdoor runs can go to the fields and trails to exercise and play around. Plus, a veterinarian is always in the facility no matter the time and day.

Kennel Service Requirements: Boarding guests at the North Shore Veterinary Hospital should have up-to-date vaccines. Contact your veterinarian to ask for a vaccination certificate. In addition, talk to the staff if your dog has any special dietary needs or medications.

The animal hospital offers daily kennel tours if you’re unsure whether it’s a good place for your dog or not. If you like the place, call the staff to make a reservation. The essential contact detail can be found in the boarding and grooming section.

14 Top Dog Kennels in Long Island, NY - Pooch & Harmony (2)

3. Island Trees Veterinary Hospital

This facility in New South Road, Hicksville, was built with the goal of uplifting the standards for pet care. Dr. Jay Gottlieb and Dr. Gil Caren developed and own the Island Trees Veterinary Hospital. Since it’s a full-service hospital, your dog can go here for services such as dental exams and parasite detection. Also, the boarding residents at Island Trees Veterinary Hospital get multiple opportunities to exercise and walk around each day.

Kennel Service Requirements: Present proof that your dog has up-to-date shots. If you plan on booking a date during the holidays, it’d be best to make a reservation. Don’t forget to inform them about any medications your pet needs.

There are two climate-controlled rooms, both of which have different-sized cages. If you prefer more space or you have a big dog, you may avail one of the 12 large runs. Dial their number to make an appointment — or you can just send a message online as well.

4. Syosset Animal Hospital

The Syosset Animal Hospital in Jericho Turnpike, Syosset, has been around since 1946 — that’s more than 70 years. Here, folks at Long Island can rest assured their pets get the best care they can get. Boarding residents get a minimum of three walks each day at the outdoor runs, which are covered for security and comfort. At night, dogs can sleep in the climate-controlled facility.

Kennel Service Requirements: You need to set when your dog will check-in at the facility. It must be during business hours to ensure that someone is available to take note of any special care or medication instructions for your dog. By law, your dog should have been vaccinated for rabies.

You can make an appointment or inquire about any of the services online. The team also accepts comment forms, which can be written on their website.

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5. Assisi Veterinary Hospital

Are you a resident of Malverne, Hempstead? Your dog can stay at the Assisi Veterinary Hospital while you’re out on a business trip or vacation. Dr. Rick Guzman established the facility in 2007 — and it’s since maintained its high standards. In fact, it’s one of the few veterinary hospitals in North America that meet the criteria set by the American Hospital Association Accreditation.

Kennel Service Requirements: Your dog must first have a medical examination a doctor in the facility will conduct. If you want, you can have this done days before the actual boarding date. Moreover, your pet should have up-to-date shots for Bordetella, DA2PP, and rabies. A negative fecal exam is also essential.

At the Assisi Veterinary Hospital, your pet can stay in any of the sizable runs, which have heated floors and plush beddings. If you want to know the boarding rates, you may call or email them.

6. Malibu Pet Hotel

The Malibu Pet Hotel in Freeport, Hempstead, has served pet owners since 1984. It has live-in staff members to ensure that someone will be around to take care of your dog even during the holidays. You can pay the staff to play with your dog or watch TV with him while giving belly rubs.

Kennel Service Requirements: Malibu Pet Hotel is quite strict, but it’s for the betterment of the pets staying. All dogs must have current shots for Bordetella. Any pet that visited the vet or went to a dog park or pet grooming facility 14 to 21 days prior to the chosen boarding date will not be given entry.

People can check out the facilities on any day of the week and see the kennel and its many sizable runs. Likewise, the pet hotel has a triple run for the biggest dogs, and double runs covered with leather. Every service requires a reservation, so take note of their phone number.

7. Levittown Animal Hospital

In 1965, the Levittown Animal Hospital began its operation at the Hempstead Turnpike in Levittown. In 2018, it was recognized as the best pet hospital and the best pet boarding facility. If those weren’t enough, its owner Dr. Michael Funk has been deemed the best veterinarian numerous times. Aside from the dog runs, there’s a yard where your dog can run around at least five times a day.

Kennel Service Requirements: You need proof that your dog had a negative fecal exam within the last six months. In addition, current vaccines for Bordetella, distemper, and rabies are required.

The runs are cleaned multiple times a day and always have fresh water available for the doggy residents. If your dog stays for eight days or more, he gets a free bath. New clients can get a discount. Have any questions? Jot down their contact number indicated at the top and bottom part of the website.

8. Quail Run Kennels

Quail Run Kennels is a family-owned business in Medford dating back to 1973 when Don and Mary Sterling built it. What sets the place apart from other dog boarding kennels is that dogs can go to the outdoor runs whenever they please. Apart from this 24-hour privilege, they can sleep in fleece beds for maximum comfort.

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Kennel Service Requirements: When you go to Quail Run Kennels, make sure that your dog is on a leash. Present a record from your veterinarian certifying that your dog has up-to-date vaccines for rabies and distemper. Likewise, tell the staff if your dog had gone to a dog pound in the last 10 days.

The inside runs are in a climate-controlled area while the outdoor runs are closed off on all sides for added security. The contact number and directions to Quail Run Kennels if you’re coming from Long Island Expressway can be found on their website.

9. The Barrie Inn

Those who are in Woodmere, Nassau County, should pay The Barrie Inn a visit. The pet care center began operations in April 2002, soon after the founder’s husband, John A. Barrie suggested the idea. Here, your dog gets to walk at least four times a day — and he can go to the indoor park of the Fido Fitness Club at no additional cost.

Kennel Service Requirements: Give the staff a record of your dog’s current vaccines for Bordetella, DHLPP, and rabies. Label the dog food you’ll be leaving for your dog. Similarly, prepare a flat collar with his name indicated on the name tag.

The Barrie Inn provides cageless dog boarding most of the time, but it also has several runs for pets that need their own space. You can contact the place using any of these three phone numbers. It’s open seven days a week but there are certain holidays when it remains closed.

10. Huntington Dog Grooming Center

The Huntington Dog Grooming Center has been in operation since 1977 with Robert Moux currently serving as its president. As its name implies, it’s located in Huntington Station, Suffolk County. Your dog can apply for boarding here regardless of his breed and size. He’ll get all the attention he deserves along with some delicious branded dog food.

Kennel Service Requirements: Remember to bring a copy of your dog’s vaccinations. Check if he has a flea or tick infestation, and have him treated if there are any.

Dogs can stay in indoor/outdoor runs built with air conditioning and heating systems. Looking to make an appointment or ask about their pick and delivery services? All you need to do is give them a call.

11. Plainview Animal Hospital

Just like the previous entry, the Plainview Animal Hospital has been around for more than 30 years. Operated by Dr. Samuel J. Deutsch, the hospital has services like ultrasound and dental cleaning. Moreover, it provides grooming and boarding — making this a one-stop pet care center for those in Plainview, Nassau County.

Kennel Service Requirements: Your dog must have an up-to-date vaccine for rabies. Take note of any medications your pet has and inform the staff accordingly.

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Dogs can share an indoor/outdoor run if they’re small enough. A highly trained staff ensures their maximum comfort during their stay. Visit their contact page to know more about Plainview Animal Hospital or if you want to make an appointment.

12. Setauket Animal Hospital

Dr. Timothy Brown has owned Setauket Animal Hospital in East Setauket, Suffolk County, since 2013. He’s clearly done his best to develop the place, which has been nominated for the best pet hospital in Long Island three times. Kennel rooms are built where natural light can come in and have sliding doors for accessing the outdoor runs.

Kennel Service Requirements: A doctor will check your dog if he has current vaccines for Bordetella, DA2PP, and rabies. If any of them is outdated, you’ll have to pay for the vaccines. In addition, any parasites found will also be treated for an additional charge.

Setauket Animal Hospital has medium and large kennels. If you’re a new client, fill out the boarding agreement form. A link to their contact details is available, complete with office hours and a Google map for directions.

13. Wags-n-Tails Boarding Kennel

Peter and Pat Ross have owned and managed the Wags-n-Tails Boarding Kennel in Middle Island, Suffolk County, since 1988. It’s part of The Pet Care Services Association, which aims for the highest standards in boarding kennels. Here, your pet can stay in a partially covered indoor/outdoor run without worry — there’s always a caretaker around the secure, double-fenced facility. Every run is cleaned two times a day and has heating and air-conditioning systems.

Kennel Service Requirements: Dogs are required to have current shots for kennel cough, DHLP, and rabies. You’ll also have to pay for bathing and treatment if your dog is found to have fleas and ticks.

Dogs weighing only up to 20 pounds each can get in for just $30. Those over 100 pounds cost between $40 and $50 each. There are discounts for bringing in multiple dogs or using the service for the first time. Similarly, senior citizens and military personnel get five percent off. Thinking of driving to the facility? Take a look at how detailed the directions are.

14. Brentwood-Islip Hospital for Animals

Finally, here’s a dog boarding kennel for those in Brentwood, Suffolk County. This community-based pet care center provides both preventative care and surgical treatments. Furthermore, its boarding services are available not only for dogs but also for cats.

Kennel Service Requirements: Apart from up-to-date inoculations for Bordetella, DA2PP, and rabies, your dog should have a negative fecal exam. The facility also reminds pet owners in Suffolk County that, by law, the Bortedella vaccine should be administered every six months.

Boarding rates aren’t listed on their website. You may fax, call, or email Brentwood-Islip Hospital for Animals to know more about their services.

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Are there any other dog kennels in Long Island, NY you’re aware of? Please tell us about them in the comments box below!


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